What is Buaksib?

Buaksib is a website that gathers information concerning sports and football news, especially popular football leagues around the world such as Premiere League, La Liga, Busdesliga, Calcio Serie A, Ligue 1 and Thai Premiere League. Its contents also include real-time Livescore, fixtures, match reports and highlights that can keep audiences updated. With experienced staff behind the scenes, this website will be ensured with top quality contents.

How can I ask for help?

There will always be Buaksib staff members standing by to provide assistance for 24 hours. If you need help from us, you may kindly go to Contact Us and declare your need. Staff members will respond as soon as possible.

Why Buaksib?

Buaksib has been operating for quite a long time and has proved itself with quality contents and updated information. So it earns trust from readers and football fans around the world, also rated as one of the best football websites out there.

Can I access Buaksib via mobile?

Buaksib has been developed to serve the modern day. Naturally, it is designed to be available for all platforms. It can be accessed through desktop, mobiles, tablets or any electronic devices. So, it can reach you very easily with instantly updated content available 24/7.

How do I use Buaksib?

Buaksib operates 24 hours a day. All you need is internet access, and then go to URL You will find the most impressive website full of updated Sports News all around the world

How can I download the official application?

Buaksib has launched its official application. You may download it via Google Play. Just search for “buaksib” and install the app on your device. You will get all the sports info around the world with only a small space taken.

How can I report errors that occurred on the website?

There are Buaksib staff members standing by to respond to your reports for 24 hours. You may go to Contact Us and fill in details, and then your issue will be responded to.

If I cannot make a comment, how can I solve this issue?

If you wish to participate in our community, to share your thoughts with Buaksib, all you need is to register as a member. Once you are a member, you may make comments, interact with us in any news or highlights anytime you like.

How can I check match results?

If you wish to know about match results, you may go to Results on the menu. You will find all the results you need there. All football matches in any leagues are gathered for you.

Are there age restrictions to access the website?

There are no age restrictions for Buaksib, users with any ages or genders are welcome here. All you need is passion in football, hungry for news, livescore, results and highlights that we provide for you daily.

Where do I find details about the football leagues?

Buaksib has gathered information about all popular football leagues such as Premiere League, La Liga, Busdesliga, Calcio Serie A, Ligue 1 and Thai Premiere League. You will find all the information you need here.

If I notice errors, can I fix it myself?

If you were using Buaksib and came across an error, you wouldn’t be able to fix it yourself. You need to go to Contact Us and report the details to the admin team. The issue will be taken cared of as soon as possible.

Where do I find league tables?

If you wish to check out any league tables, you may go to League Table on the menu. Then you will find all the tables you like to see. We have gathered all the information you need here.

I cannot find player statistics, where do I find them?

If you wish to check out player info, you may go to Livescore on the menu. This page contains fixtures, player info, facts, reports. You will find all the information you need.